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Product Safety Database for Identifying Risks to Pregnant Women

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We created Pregnancy Safety for ourselves after recognizing the difficulty in clearly identifying which products & activities pose a risk for women who are or may become pregnant. We hope this website assists you in identifying items that should be avoided and conversely those items that you may safely enjoy throughout the critical periods of your current or future pregnancy.

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This site is primarily supported through generous contributions from Tempest Strings Enterprises. Additionally, we generate revenue when our users follow advertisements displayed alongside our content. Banner ads are placed at the top of each page and text-link ads are placed on the right-hand side. All ads are clearly identified as such and our advertising partners exhibit no influence upon our content. If you have any comments or questions about Pregnancy Safety, please contact us.

Our Content Editors

Our content editors work tirelessly to insure our site provides the most current and relevant information for our users. They are veterans in online publishing but are not medical professionals and hold no medical certifications.


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Updated: 03.24.09

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