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Pregnant women should take the same considerations traveling overseas as they would for local or domestic travel. However, there are additional concerns when making a international trip. Before booking your trip, talk to your physician about the risks and benefits of your trip, as well as immunizations. If you've had previous pregnancy complications, high blood pressure, diabetes, pre-term labor, having multiples, your physician may advise you against taking the trip.

During travel, carry a copy of your health records with you, drink plenty of bottled water, used canned juices or soft drinks as alternatives, make sure the milk is pasteurized, avoid fresh fruits and vegetables unless they have been cooked, make certain that all meat has been cooked thoroughly and if you are unsure do not eat it.

Beware that with international travel you have the possibility of being exposed to rare diseases. Also, diarrhea is a common concern with international travel because you are not use to the germs and organisms found in the food and water. Updated: 07.10.20

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