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Pregnancy Safety App for the iPhone & iTouch

Now the food, product, and activity ratings available from are conveniently available on your iPhone or iTouch device.

Identify products, foods, and activities that pose a risk to your pregnancy.

Search by keyword, ingredient, or category to find detailed information regarding safety for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.

✔ Search for product, food, or activity by keyword, name, or description
✔ Provides two reliable sources for every rating
✔ Identify products & activities to avoid while pregnant
✔ Determine which foods, products, and activities can be enjoyed safely

We created PregSafety after recognizing the difficulty in clearly identifying which products & activities pose a risk for women who are or may become pregnant. We hope this application assists you in identifying items that should be avoided and conversely those items that you may safely enjoy throughout the critical periods of your current or future pregnancy.

This application contains information on the reproductive effects of various products and activities. Although each entry references two reliable sources, please be aware that it is only a summary of publicly available information and is not a substitute for professional counseling. If you are concerned about exposure to a specific product or activity, we urge you to get professional advice and not to rely on information found here. Although we attempt to keep our entries updated, some summaries may not contain the most current information.

How many more calories do I need per day now that I am pregnant?

Your calorie needs will depend on your weight gain goals. Most women need 300 calories a day more during at least the last 6 months of pregnancy than they do pre-pregnancy. Keep in mind that not all calories are equal. Your baby needs healthy foods that are packed with nutrients — not "empty calories" such as those found in soft drinks, candies, and desserts.

Although you want to be careful not to eat more than you need for a healthy pregnancy, make sure not to restrict your diet during pregnancy either. If you don't get the calories you need, your baby might not get the right amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Low-calorie diets can break down a pregnant woman's stored fat. This can cause your body to make substances called ketones. Ketones can be found in the mother's blood and urine and are a sign of starvation. Constant production of ketones can result in a child with mental deficiencies.

Text last updated March 2009
Courtesty of The National Women's Health Information Center.

New Pregnancy Safety Search Feature

We've just added a new search feature to that will attempt to catch misspellings in your search terms and direct you to the appropriate product and activity entries. For instance, searching for "soul" will now return a result for the fish "sole" as this is most likely what you intended. Try the new and improved search of our product safety database for identifying risks to pregnant women and let us know what you think!

Pregnancy Safety Database Updated

We are pleased to announce an update to our searchable products and activities database. We are grateful to all of you who have provided feedback and requested additions. The new entries bring us closer to our goal of providing the most comprehensive resource for identifying products & activities that may impact your pregnancy.

Thank you from all of us on the Pregnancy Safety Team!

Pregnancy Safety web-based database goes live!

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the Pregnancy Safety database through freely accessible searches from the website. As the web's premier product safety database for helping pregnant women identify unsafe or risky products and activities, the newly released website aims to serve pregnant women and expecting mothers worldwide.

By soliciting and accepting user-based recommendations for enhancements to our content, we welcome public participation in the development and growth of our database and mission. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we encourage you to contact us through our web-based feedback form.

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